C2 Personalized Coaching and Consultations

Are you looking for an individual consultation, training session and 1-to-1 coaching

• for yourself

• as a manager for your team?

We can create a course especially for you and tailor it to your requirements.


Do you need:

• an in-house visit and feedback on your presentations?

• a tailored solution for your work conversations, target setting and agreement discussions?

• optimal preparation for especially critical situations such as conflict management or team exhibitions?

• coaching in preparation for your lectures or courses?

• a general means of stress relief before presentations or special conversations or other communication situations?

• speech training in order to be able to articulate clearly and confidently in German?

• to find your own way to implement, develop and increase the effectiveness of your individual strengths in the art of presentation?

The strengths of [:BH] Professional Communication lies in finding you personalised, optimised solutions and supporting you in all of your communication related interests.

Take the time to contact us and we’ll spend our time on you!

Tel: +41 56  508 58 65