You are unique and wonderful -none should prevent this,  particulary yourself .
 -Daniel Whiteside-
C1 Confident and fluent public speaking

The only training which eliminates fears, inhibitions and mental blackouts

If you do not feel at ease in your own skin and you are visibly afraid to speak in front of a a group or a public audience, then this is the training for you. With a combination of kinesiological coaching in the 3-in-1 method and speech training you will overcome your  mental blackouts and replace them with the energy to give lively presentations and lectures, as well as to participate confidently in discussions and debates. The strengths of the 3-in-1 method lie in a combination of:

  • recognising the underlying reasons for inhibitions and blackouts and knowingly resolving them
  • recognising the feelings, actions and avoidance patterns which form the basis of your fears and transforming them
  • Gaining security and self confidence in bringing newly acquired actions into your speech
  • Running through a presentation situation as a model for the future
  • Learning to express self-confidence and authority in your voice

Generally, after 2-3 sessions, all important levels in this course will have been achieved. For consolidation we recommend a practical group training (T1, T3 or T4).

Just call us – we´ll then fix a date for a first interview with explanantions to the method, the concept and details of the kinesiologic coaching. Dates are fixed individually according to your needs. Contact Ms Barbara Hellermann: +41 56  508 58 65

Coaching C1 Confident and fluent public speaking
Individual training : session à 1.5- 2 hrs
Location: Zürich
Dates: to be fixed
Costs: 220 CHF/hr