B3  Job Interview – Video Chat Training

…. and now it crystallizes: the job front door has opened- you got the invitation to the interview. The future light is looming on you.

You are well prepared in the matter.
However: to perform on-spot is always a challenge. Personal appearance shall be nothing but outstanding.

And that’s what it is all about:
You connect via a video chat system with our experienced job interviewer and trainer and practice the most important phases of the conversation.
Constructive feedback on use of language, voice modulation, facial expressions, gestures, the response to unexpected questions and objections of the interviewer- everything that will make you stronger, releases all of your brilliance and gives you robust confidence.

Your sparring partner is Burkhard Hellermann
„I need the job advertisment and the documents which you have sent to the potential employer for my preparation. And then we simulate the situation screen to screen.
Doing so you get an absolutely effective training to a perfect price-performance ratio.

ideal interview


And I keep my fingers crossed for this:

Congrats- you made it !








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